Welcome to Valkyrie

Hi, I'm Christina, founder of Valkyrie Brand.  I am a master jeweler with 16 years’ experience, and for the last nine years, I have specialized exclusively in high-end custom design.  A few years ago, I realized I needed to make a change.  I was fed up with the traditional jewelry industry and wanted to serve a different community: womxn who seek adventure on two (or more) wheels, who may find themselves unconventional, and who choose to define their own femininity.

Why Valkyrie?

I thought long and hard about the mission for this brand and what I wanted to express, but I couldn't come up with a name that seemed right.  I asked a good friend for help, and in her gifted wordsmith way she immediately thought of the word Valkyrie.  It fit.

You may be familiar with the story of Valkyries as servants of Odin, deciding the outcome of battle and choosing the worthy to ascend to Valhalla.  Valkyries were known to be powerful warriors and mentors, yet they also acted as stewards, serving mead to the souls in Valhalla.

Grow Your Wings

Valkyrie's vision suggests that we also choose the worthy: each and every one of us.  We serve all womxn when we empower each other, stay true to ourselves, and lead by example.  Let's go do some badass sh!t.

My Mission

With Valkyrie Brand, I'm going to make the kinds of things I believe in, for womxn I believe in.  I'm going to enlist other artists and designers to join me and add their own Valkyrie touch to our merchandise. Valkyrie Brand designs are here to remind you that you are badass exactly as you are.  Our community is amazing because you're a part of it. Let's celebrate each other.  You're invited to Be Valkyrie.